The Importance of Testimonial Videos

Getting people to consume your content is the first challenge, if they don’t believe it, the first point doesn’t even matter. Capturing your clients’ experiences creates a powerful tool that’s almost effortless to use. You can write down their testimonies for posting on your website or social media, but a testimonial video is an even better, more powerful format. In this article we uncover the importance of using testimonial videos.

testimonial videos

Stronger than reviews

Reviews tend to lack detail. Sure, a five-star rating and the three worded phrase underneath it tells you that that particular customer had a good experience with the product or service – but it doesn’t quite spell out what exactly was good about it. A testimonial video however, covers all bases: what difficulties the client experienced before and how the product was the solution. Besides giving a more detailed account of others’ experiences with a product, consumers simply prefer video over text.

As discussed in my previous article on our video production website, ‘Why You Should Use Video on Your Website, viewers prefer video because they can take in the message with ease: they get the most information without giving too much effort to get it. According to statistics, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Watching a testimonial on a video can be more effective than reading up on the product because they can see what the product does and even how it’s used. Not only can you present your goals, products and overall mission, but you can give examples of customer experiences that support each point.

 The ability to convince is stronger

Advertisements are often taken with a pinch of salt – it’s common to exaggerate or lie about the benefits of a product. Potential clients can be convinced by the experiences of real clients. Numerous studies reinforce the power of social proof. Customer reviews have been shown to be very trustworthy—sometimes even as trustworthy as personal recommendations. A testimonial video could easily be worth 100 written reviews. They capture the facial expressions and the tone of the client giving their testimony which aids in developing an emotional connection with the viewer. This way, the potential client is convinced that they can also benefit in the same way from your product or service.

Convert potential customers into paying ones

Clients tend to go through what is called the ‘Marketing Funnel’. The Marketing Funnel explains the customer’s journey from the awareness stage (when they first learn about your business) to the purchase stage (when they’re ready to buy your product or service). Testimonial videos work great at the conversion stage of the Marketing Funnel. For your potential clients, this means that it’s decision time. At this stage they’ve pretty much done all their research, sifted through a couple of potential businesses (including yours) and are now ready to make the all-important purchase. Testimonial videos are great at converting – they give that final push into buying the product or service. They remove all doubts and reassure the client that their decision to choose that particular product or service won’t be a mistake.  

Videos are the most consumed form of media on the internet today; this means that your potential clients are more likely to be drawn to your testimonial videos than the reviews on your website or social media pages. They’re a sure way to turn your potential clients into paying ones. Sound Idea Digital produces testimonial videos and marketing videos.


Who is Sound Idea Digital?

Sound Idea Digital is a full service digital agency with over 20 years’ experience in the marketing field.

Because of our long standing position in the marketing world we have lived through the major shifts in the industry, from outbound to inbound marketing. With a three dimensional approach to marketing we are capable of managing outbound campaigns and lead generation, although our main focus is on digital and content marketing. 

What We Can Do For You

By pre-scripting hundreds of email templates we are able to maintain business communication with large databases and collect useful information at the same time.

Sound Idea Digital is a practical solution to marketing needs in a fickle and ever changing age.





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