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Our Collective Mind LMS is developed in-house, as such we possess unique insight into our system's capabilities and structure. As a result ur LMS is bespoke and is fully customisable. We have extensive experience in business needs analysis, which aids our process of identifying the most beneficial features for each unique organisation. The Collective Mind LMS is ideal for classroom, online or blended learning.

Main benefits

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Dynamic Reporting system
  • AI Integration
  • Document Management
  • Downloadable and customisable certificates 
  • Social Learning Features
  • Custom Gamification
  • Offline Accessibility
  • Robust Security

In a world where access to information is the key to staying competitive, organisations rely on their people continually learning new skills, crafting innovative solutions to changing circumstances and staying informed and responsive. 


  • Achieve strategic goals
  • Ensure cost-effective training
  • Secure distributed access to information - nationally and internationally
  • Comprehensive learning management
  • Demonstrable efficiencies
  • Certifiable results

This is the future of employee training as we know it.

This powerful course management system allows learning administrators to enter an unlimited number of courses and students on the database. Users interact with the Learning Management System using their web browser.  The system can be deployed on a LAN, intranet or the internet, effectively managing thousands of students and courses with ease. The system supports SCORM, AICC, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and Video.


  • eMail communication between administrators and students
  • Built-in threaded discussion groups
  • Management of delivering training and education over the Internet
  • Managing organisations and members
  • Designing and developing assessments
  • Managing content
  • Managing student access to lessons
  • Monitoring student progress and tracking scores
  • Enabling a collaborative learning environment
  • Generating management reports to track learning effectiveness

Student access

  • Take or resume assessments
  • View and modify personal information
  • View progress reports
  • Open assigned material
  • Send messages

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